New embossed 6mm clear elastic TPU tape

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  • Series: E Series

    Spec.: HD6015E
    Width: 6 mm
    Thickness: 0.15mm

    Length: 920 m/kg

    Color: natural
    Certificate: Oeko-Tex Standard 100

    Contact:  Joye Chen


  • Recently, we developed a new embossed TPU tape. We've already have a type of grain pattern embossed TPU tape. But the pattern may be not very clear. However, the new embossed 6mm clear elastic TPU tape has more clear pattern.

    This type of TPU tape is made from Taiwan TPU raw material, which has the same raw material with B Series. But the new embossed one has better resilience because of the embossed pattern. Generally, B Series mobilon tape has 1:2 resilience. But this type of TPU tape has 1:2.5 resilience, and has lower deformation rate. Moreover, it helps the tape be not easy to break when TPU tape be sewed with special stitching.

    If customers request better elasticity and resilience, Germany material and Japan material can be choosen.


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